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Who We Are

Our Mission

At AIxSCAN, we're crafting a groundbreaking intelligent tomosynthesis X-ray imaging system that seamlessly blends the prowess of digital radiography (DR), computerized tomography (CT), and the expertise of a seasoned radiologist, all in one smart package. Within seconds of scanning, this integrated system delivers accountable and consistent diagnostic reports. Our mission is to revolutionize medical X-ray radiology, bringing global accessibility to early disease detection, including cancers.

Central to our innovation is the fusion of cutting-edge software and hardware, paving the way for a truly revolutionary technology. By marrying these elements, we not only redefine the standards of efficiency but also make advanced x-ray imaging more accessible, ensuring a lower cost without compromising quality. AIxSCAN is not just reimagining the future of medical imaging; we're making it more efficient and affordable for everyone, everywhere.


The Team

The strength of the AIxSCAN team lies in its exceptional leadership, with Dr. Jianqiang Liu at the helm. A seasoned inventor and business leader with a Ph.D. from Caltech, Dr. Liu has a rich history of successful ventures, including an IPO and significant revenue growth in his previous company. Dr. Manat Maolinbay, an expert in flat-panel detectors with over 25 years of experience, brings invaluable expertise in particle detection physics and X-ray technology, contributing to the success of AIxSCAN. Dr. Jamie Ku, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Science and Engineering from MIT, boasts over two decades of experience in sophisticated system integration, making him a key asset to the team's prowess in R&D technology and product development projects. Together, their collective knowledge and achievements form the solid foundation of AIxSCAN's innovative and successful journey in the field of X-ray imaging.

Jianqiang Liu, Ph.D.

Jamie Ku, Ph.D.

Manat Maolinbay, Ph.D.

Linbo Yang

The Medical Board

Our medical board stands out with a diverse and accomplished team. Dr. Tim James brings unparalleled expertise in leading product and business development efforts in complex markets, particularly in medical technology. His track record includes advancements in MRI technology and market dynamics, as well as contributions to the development of a digital X-ray imager. Dr. Christopher Gange Jr., an emerging diagnostic radiologist, adds a fresh perspective and a passion for leveraging medical knowledge and technology to solve healthcare mysteries. Together, their combined experiences and dedication set our medical board apart, ensuring a robust foundation for AIxSCAN's advancements in the field of medical imaging.

Tim James

Christopher Gange Jr, MD

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