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Improved Efficiency, Reduced Cost

AIxScan revolutionizes X-ray imaging with its cutting-edge system, boasting rapid screening, a wide 60-degree imaging angle, and exceptional mobility. With ultra-high resolution, minimal X-ray exposure, and an affordable acquisition and ownership cost, we're dedicated to delivering an efficient and cost-effective solution to advance medical imaging accessibility worldwide.


What makes us different?

Short Screening Time

An X-ray imaging system with short screening times ensures swift and efficient diagnostics, minimizing patient discomfort and streamlining healthcare processes for quicker and more effective medical assessments.

Large Angle Imaging

A 60-degree imaging angle in an X-ray system enhances diagnostic accuracy by providing a comprehensive view, capturing detailed images from various perspectives and enabling more thorough assessments for improved medical insights.

Ultra High-Resolution

Ultra-high resolution in an X-ray imaging system ensures unparalleled clarity and precision, allowing for detailed visualization of anatomical structures and subtle abnormalities, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

Low Cost of Ownership

A low maintenance cost for a new X-ray imaging system translates to significant long-term savings and operational efficiency, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution compared to existing X-ray imaging systems.

Low Acquisition Cost

A low acquisition cost for a new X-ray imaging system ensures accessibility to advanced medical technology, offering a cost-effective solution that enhances affordability and widens the reach of cutting-edge healthcare compared to existing X-ray imaging solutions.

Standalone Unit

A stand-alone X-ray system with high mobility offers unprecedented flexibility, facilitating efficient and adaptable medical imaging in various settings, providing a distinct advantage over existing X-ray systems limited by fixed installations.

AIxScan introduces a revolutionary X-ray imaging system that outshines current technology on multiple fronts. With rapid screening times, a broad 60-degree imaging angle, and ultra-high resolution, our system ensures swift and precise diagnostics, minimizing patient discomfort and significantly enhancing diagnostic accuracy. The stand-alone unit's high mobility further sets us apart, allowing for adaptable imaging in diverse settings, while the ultra-low-dose X-ray exposure prioritizes patient safety. Coupled with an affordable acquisition cost and low overall ownership expenses, AIxScan not only advances medical imaging capabilities but also establishes a new standard for efficiency, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness in comparison to existing X-ray systems.

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